Snuggle Up this Holiday Season!

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The holidays are a busy time of year full of lots of fun traditions, parties and events. For us, we spend most of November and December running from event to event and marking things off on our to do list. While I enjoy all of the things we do during the holiday season, it is important to me that we take some time to slow down and savor the season together. This year, I decided to carve out part of each day to enjoy our favorite holiday books while snuggled up together.

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Making Reading a Part of Your Traditions

I decided on my daughter’s first Christmas that I wanted to purchase a new holiday book for her every year. So each year, I find a new book that we can enjoy together, and I sign the front cover with a special message and the date. I love that we can read the messages every year, and that she is slowly building a collection of her own to share with her kids someday.

Children’s books provide a fun way to teach kids about other cultures and traditions, and this is especially true with holiday books. I love introducing my daughter to new holidays and traditions through the books on our shelves. We celebrate Christmas in our house, but we also read books on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas celebrations in other countries. I have always loved learning about celebrations in other countries and cultures, and children’s books give me a way to share that love with my daughter as well.

Reading Advent Calendar

To make our daily reading time even more special, I added titles of our favorite holiday books to our Advent calendar. Each day, we open one of the drawers and enjoy a little candy surprise, as well as a new book. This not only gives us a little surprise every day, but it also ensures that we will actually read all of the books on our shelf, instead of repeating the same one ever and over (I see you out there fellow toddler moms!). This was so easy to put together and simple enough for her to understand. I used the Advent calendar and books that we already had as well, so it didn’t cost me anything more than a bag of candy (or two – Mommy needs a treat sometimes too!).


Dressing the Part

When the weather around us is getting colder and snowier, nothing makes me happier than curling up in comfy clothes and reading by the tree. To get my daughter into the same mindset, I bought her some new comfy clothes from OshKosh B’gosh. (Check out the giveaway at the end of the post to win some free clothes for your kids!).  Lately she likes to talk about “being snuggly” when she puts on soft and warm clothes, and she loved the soft fleece pants and cozy leggings she received. Within minutes of putting them on, we were snuggled up by the tree enjoying a stack of books together.

I love that the clothing from OshKosh B’gosh is comfortable, adorable and age appropriate for her. She is an exceptionally tall toddler, so I was incredibly pleased that the clothing I purchased for her fit perfectly! They have so many cute options for all of your holiday gatherings and traditions. I had trouble stopping myself from buying her all new clothes for all of our events. Luckily, OshKosh offers great clothing at affordable prices, and right now the great coupon below offers you even more savings. Get 20% off your purchase of $40 or more! Check out the OshKosh store locator to find the store nearest you.


Slow Down!

The holidays are a crazy time of year. Make sure you take a moment every day to quiet the noise and reconnect as a family. Don’t forget to enjoy the quiet times and savor everything that makes this season wonderful!

I want everyone to find time to slow down and enjoy some snuggled up reading time this holiday season, so I’m giving away $50 to OshKosh B’gosh! They have clothing for a wide variety of ages and styles, so you will definitely find something that your kids will love to wear this holiday season. Enter below for your chance to win!

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13 comments on “Snuggle Up this Holiday Season!

  1. Getting cozy in new PJ’s while reading Christmas books is one of my favorite memories as a child! Love that OshKosh B’Gosh is still around!

    • Me too! I love curling up with my little girl now reliving those memories from my childhood. OshKosh clothes are still so cute and affordable too!

  2. We do the 24 days of new books this time of year. New book is opened overnight. On Christmas Eve new jammies are given and a special book is read.

    • I love that! My daughter is having trouble not unwrapping every gift she has come across, so I think I will have to wait a few more years for that!

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