Terrific Turkey Books

Turkey Day is almost here! As the weather turns colder and we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to gather a list of fun turkey themed books to inspire our learning this month. There are lots of fun...Read More »

Celebrating The Night Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I was a picky eater growing up, so my love of the holiday had more to do with the traditions and the family time than the food. My mom loves to...Read More »

Terrific Thanksgiving Read-Alouds!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday full of family, food, fun and thankfulness. There are so many great Thanksgiving books to entertain kids while teaching them about this holiday. I wrote about several Thanksgiving books this month, but there...Read More »

Celebrate a Cranberry Thanksgiving!

Cranberries always make me think of the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are a part of lots of meals, decorations and traditions. I was excited when I found this book which gave me the opportunity...Read More »

Turkey Fun for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! I love all of the adorable turkey decorations around the holiday, and they inspired me to have some fun with today’s hilarious read aloud about a...Read More »

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is something that I want to ensure I teach to my daughter. Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to start a tradition of gratitude and thankfulness. There are lots of great books to help teach kids...Read More »

Fun with Franklin for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, gratitude and delicious foods. My parents have always had an open door policy for our holiday meals, believing that anyone who doesn’t have a place to go has a place at...Read More »

Plump and Perky Turkey Fun!

When it comes to getting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, you probably just stop by your local grocery store or farm. For the people living in one little town, getting a turkey is much more difficult!

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