Give the Gift of Laughter and Creativity!

One of the best parts of being a parent is the opportunity to act like a kid again. As a teacher, some of my favorite memories are dancing, singing and just having fun with the kids. The same is true now that I am a parent. The other day while emptying the dishwasher, my two year old picked up a spatula, sat on the floor and used it to “row” herself across the kitchen floor — all the while singing “Row Row Row Your Boat”. When she asked me to join, I sat right down with her and scooted across the floor too. And the laughter from that moment will stick with me as an amazing memory.

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I am always looking for ways to fill our days with more laughter and creativity, so I was really excited to check out the new Haha Color – Me! Joke Book by Neesha Mirchandani. This coloring joke book gives you the opportunity to add creativity and laughter into your life all at once!

Bringing Laughter and Color into Your Life

I love books that are interactive, and the Haha Color-Me! Joke Book not only encourages lots of laughter through it’s kid tested jokes, but also includes illustrations of these jokes for kids to color. Since coloring helps kids with fine motor skills and joke telling can improve both vocabulary and social skills, this coloring joke book has the ability to give you lots of hours of laughter, as well as skill building practice for your kids. That’s a win-win in my book! The illustrations are large and simple so even young kids can easily color them. Coloring is still something I love to do as an adult, so I’m thrilled to have a coloring book my daughter and I can do together. 

Did you know that the average 40 year old only laughs 4 times per day, while the average 4 year old laughs 300 times per day?

When do we lose that joyfulness in life? This book helps parents and kids let loose and share in the simple hilarity of a good joke. In addition to the wide range of jokes in this book, each page also includes a side note for parents. These notes sometimes offer advice on how to maximize the hilarity of the joke on the page. Others just give parents their own little chuckle. I love books that can entertain both kids and adults alike, and this one hits the mark.

Giving Laughter to a Child in Need

In addition to all the giggles and fun that you can get from this book, you can also help to spread laughter and good cheer to others. For every print copy of this coloring joke book that is purchased, the author will send a copy to a child in need. Imagine that every time your child laughs at this book, a child in need is sharing those laughs!

The author Neesha Mirchandani states, “We gift one to a child in need for every one we sell. We’ll also use any proceeds from the book to seed fund #HotSkillsPayBills, our social enterprise to help kids in foster care learn in-demand skills! This way, we don’t have to fundraise or get grants for our project but earn it by selling this book!”

“For each book you purchase, a child in need of some activity and cheer also receives one. Recipients are in foster homes, hospitals, etc. Every time you hear your child laugh, you know that a kid in need is laughing and coloring, too.”

Give in to Laughter

It’s so important as parents that we allow ourselves to dive back into the joyfulness of childhood every once in a while. Let your kids lead you on an adventure rowing across the kitchen floor, or lose yourselves completely in a fit of laughter over a corny joke. Whatever you do, make sure you get more than 4 chances to laugh in a day! Your kids will remember that more than anything.

Check out the Haha Color Me! Joke Book to make your kids think you are funny and guarantee hours of creativity and laughter to share! Enter below by October 15th for a chance to win your own copy! Winner will be notified on October 17th when the book officially launches.

In the meantime, join The HA-HA Challenge – a free 5-day challenge to get your kids to laugh hysterically:

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41 comments on “Give the Gift of Laughter and Creativity!

    • Aw, my daughter just started her own joke the other day and now she loves to repeat it all the time! They’re so cute when they figure out how to make us laugh!

  1. Sounds like all of us adults need much more laughter in our lives. Wonderful to hear a child laugh and bringing laughter into their lives should be a priority.

  2. Great read. On a gloomy day like today I could definitely use a good laugh. And you are right, as we get older we begin to take life so seriously and forget to live in the now and enjoy the fun moments laughing with our kids.

    • Definitely! It is so easy to get swept away in the day to day gloom, but the laughter of a child should remind us of all the joy in life!

  3. Big believer in reading and starting off children early with reading. I read through out the day and before bed to all my children. If it helps bring laughter to them and us as parents even better.

  4. I LOVE this idea! Some of my favorite books to check out from the library when I was younger were all the different joke books, and I know I would have loved this one! Definitely keeping this in mind for when I’m looking for something for my kids someday.

    • I loved reading joke books as a kid, and it made me pretty popular with the kids as a substitute! Even if they’re groaning at your terrible jokes, they are still getting a kick out of it!

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