Making Kids Feel Special Through Reading

Personalized Children's Books

Reading together is one of my favorite ways to connect with my daughter. When we are reading a great book together, I hope that she takes the lessons, love and values to heart. I love when I read a book about love to her, and she recognizes that the mother in the story cares about the character the same way that I care about her. Watching her make connections to the story, the characters and the illustrations is a special part of reading to her. The personalized children’s books from Put Me in the Story makes the experience even more unforgettable by weaving her into the book.

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Put Me in the Story is a company dedicated to providing families with personalized children’s books that hold special meaning. They believe in the power of reading together and strive to provide books that families will enjoy again and again. They offer lots of unique ways to incorporate your child into the story. From adding their name into the illustrations to using their photos to tell the story, there are lots of options. They also use familiar stories and characters that your family already enjoys. You can not only find Disney, Marvel and Sesame Street stories, but also popular book characters including Curious George, Fancy Nancy and Pete the Cat.

Connecting Kids to the Books They Read

Getting kids interested in reading is something that a lot of parents struggle with. There is a quote that has been attributed to both James Patterson and Frank Serafini that says “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book”. By providing kids with personalized children’s books that feature them, you provide them with a special gift that connects directly to them.

Personalized Children's Books

When I was younger, my father went on a trip and brought personalized books back for my sister and me. Mine was a story about a dinosaur that I befriended, and I still have it 26 years later! We were always avid readers, but having a book that weaved us into the story was so much fun. The technology has greatly improved since then, and the personalized children’s books from Put Me in the Story are very high quality. I’m so excited to provide my daughter with her own special story like my father did.

Beautiful Gifts that Will Be Treasured

Providing my daughter with quality books that we can share is so important to me. So I was thrilled to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for this great company. We were given the opportunity to customize their popular On the Night You Were Born gift set.

Personalized Children's Books

On the Night You Were Born was written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman. It tells the reader about all of the wonderful things that happened on the night that they were born. Her text and illustrations are beautiful. This personalized copy winds my daughter’s name throughout the story, making it even more special when I read it to her. I hope that she takes the memory of reading it together and carries it with her as she grows up.On the Night You Were Born Personalized Book and Plush Gift Set

This gift set takes one of my favorite books to read with her and makes it even more special. The adorable stuffed polar bear gives her a tactile way to remember the story and the emotions behind it when we are finished reading it. She has always loved the polar bears dancing in the story, and she fell in love with the soft toy. Reading aloud to stuffed animals can help kids to develop confidence in their reading, so this cuddly friend can help kids who are learning to read. This set would make a beautiful gift for an expectant family, or for any child in your life!

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  1. We had some of these books when our kids were growing up. I think my mother got them for Christmas. They were loved and treasured gifts! I have them stored in each of their keep sake boxes now and one day they will be able to share them with their own kids.

  2. These are such wonderful tips and so very true. It’s great to start early but it’s never too late, either. Even my older children love being read to and reading with me. It’s great bonding time.

  3. I like to buy the character plush toys that they sell if they are available when I buy my kiddos new books for their library. They love snuggling them during story time. I have recently bought them personalized books as they make great gifts and are fun for them to read. They love sharing their personalized books with their friends as well.

  4. I love his fun idea!! My son would be thrilled to have a story about him!! I’m thinking this would make excellent Xmas gifts for my nephews!

  5. I seriously LOVE this gift idea. I actually got one myself when i was younger, and I was obsessed with it! I still remember it was a Barbie story lol. I definitely think it’s a good way to get kids more interested in reading!

  6. This rings so true to me. I have a little boy who hated to read…until he found books that he could relate to!! I love that the books can be customized to put the child into the story. How cool is that?!? -Jennifer, Mompreneur at

  7. What a beautiful idea! The night you were born is one of our favorites! My daughter has a boom with her name and it’s always high on the request list. I am def marking this down for Christmas gifts for my daycare kiddos!

  8. This is so wonderful! I’m always looking for unique and special gifts for my niece, and this is amazing. My sister is a book lover (not a kindle lover), so I am always excited to to give gifts that I know she’ll approve!

  9. I can’t wait until my baby girl is born and be able to read to her so we can start that special binding time! I look forward to your posts!

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