Help Kids Learn to Face Their Fears!

learn-to-face-your-fearsThe Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything written by Linda D. Williams tells the story of a little old lady who refuses to let fear get in her way. It is an entertaining read about facing fears, especially around the Halloween season. The catchy repetition and the funny items that follow her will entertain small children, making this a great book for reading aloud. This story can be a great jumping off point to discussing what your child is afraid of and helping them to face their fears. (This post contains affiliate links).

What are your kids afraid of?

Discuss Facing Fears – Talk to your kids about what they are afraid of. Use this story to figure out ways that they can turn their fear into something else. Are they afraid of their closet? It won’t be as scary if you make it into a fort! My daughter has very few fears about things. The one thing that makes her cry every time is the blender! Using this same concept, we have started showing her that the delicious smoothies that she loves comes from the blender that she doesn’t like.

Acting Out – Act out the story with props! Have your child perform the actions of each item while you read. Have them stomp in a pair of shoes and wiggle a pair of pants. Can you imagine the giggles when they are dancing around making the noises?

Story Sequencing – Use the spooky items in the book to help your child practice sequencing. What item followed her first? Which one was next? Draw or print an image of each of the items, or use the props from the last activity, and have your child put them into order. They can also use the images to build the scarecrow.

Scarecrows – Have fun building a scarecrow together. Take items from around the house and make a scarecrow for your yard. Make up noises for your items like the ones in the story.

Munch – Make Jack-o-Lantern snacks to match the head of the scarecrow. This can be as simple as drawing a face on the peel of an orange, or cutting eyes in a grilled cheese sandwich or cheese quesadilla. The possibilities are endless!

This book can inspire kids and adults to be creative when facing fears. Just like the little old lady, don’t let your fears hold you back!

Be creative!

What are your kids afraid of? Did the little old lady help them? Let me know what creative strategies you use to help kids face their fears!

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