Fun with Franklin for Thanksgiving!

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fun-with-franklin-for-thanksgiving Franklin’s Thanksgiving by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark is a great story about celebrating Thanksgiving and sharing with those around you. Franklin and his parents are disappointed when his grandparents can’t make it for Thanksgiving dinner. They all decide that they should invite their friends from around the neighborhood who don’t have plans of their own – but they don’t mention it to each other. When Thanksgiving Day comes, the big crowd won’t fit at their table, so they come up with a new tradition! This story tells readers about harvesting fruits and vegetables, Thanksgiving preparations, and sharing the holiday with others. (This post contains affiliate links.) Read More!

Plump and Perky Turkey Fun!

plump-and-perky-turkey-funA Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman tells the story of Pete the turkey and the townspeople of Squawk Valley. The people in the town need to get a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner, so they decide to trick one into coming to town. They host a turkey themed arts and crafts festival to capture a vain turkey. Pete doesn’t want to be dinner though, and he may just outsmart the people of Squawk Valley! This story is an entertaining read aloud written in verse, and accompanied by colorful and fun illustrations. Kids will love reading about Pete again and again! (This post contains affiliate links.) Read More!

Overcoming the Election Negativity with Positive Books

overcoming-election-negativity-with-positive-booksThis election has me very worried about the state of our country and the future we’re building for our children. As adults, we are supposed to be the role models, the positive influences and the good decision makers. Yet, the news is filled with people name-calling, interrupting, and making decisions that we would not accept from our children. It may seem oversimplified to think that we can fix all of our issues by working together and being respectful. However, I believe in the impact of positivity and respect. So, to overcome the negative attitudes that kids may be absorbing during this election, I decided to find positive books about America and citizenship. These books can remind kids and parents how America can be great while showing us how we can all help to make it a better place. Read More!

Great Books for Babies!

“Why should I start reading to my baby when she can’t even understand the story?”

There is a misconception that reading to kids only revolves around the story and their understanding of it. But there are so many important reasons to read to babies, starting with the fact that they will learn from the very beginning that books are awesome! My parents read to me on my very first night home from the hospital. It was a short story out of a collection of 1 minute fairy tales. I read out of the same book on my daughter’s first night home from the hospital as well. I have read to her every night since then, and at 2 years old, she already loves to be read to and to look at books on her own. Read More!

Halloween Fun & Games

halloween-fun-gamesHalloween weekend is here! There are so many awesome Halloween read aloud books to read to your kids this weekend, some of which I have already talked about in a previous post. In addition to these awesome stories, check out some of the best Halloween fun and games to keep your kids learning during the spooky season! These can be adapted to your child’s skill level, so kids of all ages can join in the fun! Read More!

Soup From a Stone!

soup-from-a-stone Stone Soup is an old tale that has been retold for many years. There are many versions available using a wide variety of illustration styles and characters. The main character in the story is a stranger who wanders into a village looking for food, but no one in the village is willing to share what little they have. The stranger convinces everyone he can make soup from a stone, and they are all intrigued. He asks each person to add just a tiny bit of their ingredients to his pot with a stone and watch while he makes soup. The community learns that by each giving a little, they can help each other! (This post contains affiliate links). Read More!

9 Fun Halloween Books for Family Read Alouds

9-fun-halloween-books-for-family-read-aloudsThe Halloween season is upon us! While kids are planning their costumes and making trick-or-treat plans, don’t forget to find time to enjoy some fun and spooky stories together! There are a ton of great Halloween books for children including everything from monsters and vampires to costumes and pumpkins. Whether you are looking for lighthearted seasonal fun or books to teach a lesson or help face a fear, there are plenty of great books to meet those needs. I cannot possibly list all of the amazing Halloween books, but these are some of my favorites. (This post contains affiliate links). Read More!

Scary Fun with the Monster at the End of this Book!

scary-fun-with-the-monster-at-the-end-of-this-bookThe Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone is a classic which has been enjoyed by kids and adults for many years. It was a favorite of mine growing up and I can’t wait to share it with my daughter over and over! This book follows Grover, the friendly monster from Sesame Street as he begs the reader not to turn each page because there is a – gasp – MONSTER at the end of the book! The sweet conclusion where Grover figures out that HE is the monster is sure to entertain young kids. With Halloween approaching, there are many fun and educational activities that you can tie in to this entertaining read aloud! (This post contains affiliate links). Read More!

Growing with the Apple Pie Tree!

growing-with-the-apple-pie-treeThe Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall is an adorable tale of two little kids who watch their apple tree as it goes through the seasons. They take the reader through all of the changes the apple tree goes through, along with the family of robins who live there. In the end, they pick the apples from their tree and make an apple pie with their parents. This story is a great way to introduce children to the changes of the season, and a great reason to make apple pie! (This post contains affiliate links). Read More!

Reading Aloud from the Beginning

reading-aloud-from-the-beginningMy parents have told my sister and I throughout our lives that they read to us every night from the first night we were home from the hospital. When I got to grad school and was researching literacy practices, I found that reading aloud to children from the very beginning is a large factor in getting children to enjoy reading. My sister and I are both avid readers (thanks Mom and Dad!). People no longer like to help us move because the amount of books is ridiculous. It was important to me that I continue this practice with my daughter. I read the same book to her on her first night home that my parents read to us (One Minute Fairy Tales by Shari Lewis). Read More!