15 of the Best Yoga Books for Kids

From a very early age, my daughter has loved to do yoga. Even before she knew what she was doing, she loved copying my yoga moves. As she has grown, I have been really excited to find some great resources to help me teach her some yoga basics. At only 2, she has her favorite poses already and she loves doing them on a regular basis. I love that it is something that we can do together, and that she is learning how to control her body, her mind and her emotions. Since one of my goals for the year is to do more yoga together, I decided to gather a list of 15 of the best yoga books for kids!

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Making Yoga Poses Fun

I Am Yoga was written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. This beautiful book is a great introduction to yoga for kids. The calming text encourages kids to settle their minds and slow their breathing while they perform the yoga poses. The colorful illustrations place the poses in situations that kids will want to imagine themselves doing. A child is shown sailing on the sea for boat pose and flying through the sky in airplane pose. The author’s note at the end breaks the poses down with more specific instructions so parents can help kids use proper form and breathing.

Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story was written by Mariam Gates and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder. This book is a great way to start the day with an energizing yoga flow. The bold illustrations show kids doing yoga poses in fun locations and situations (skiing downhill for ski jumper pose, shaking sand off at the beach for tummy twist, etc). The main story is a simple rhyming text, while additional breathing and visualization prompts are included in smaller print. The book also includes a breakdown of the flow at the end with more detailed instructions for each pose, as well as a visualization exercise.

Doing Yoga With Animals

Little Yoga: A Toddler’s First Book of Yoga was written by Rebecca Whitford and illustrated by Martina Selway. In this fun introduction to nine yoga poses, the simple and straightforward text encourages kids to try the poses while emulating specific animals. They will be inspired by the bright and colorful illustrations of kids performing the poses alongside the playful animals. The book also includes practice tips for parents, more details about the poses shown in the book, and photographs of real children doing the poses.

Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids was written by Kristen Fischer and illustrated by Susi Schaefer. This fun rhyming story uses the animals at the zoo to help kids get into ten poses named after animals. Follow Lyla as she performs the poses alongside the animals and receives helpful tips from them about each pose. Kids will love the adorable animals in the colorful illustrations. Tying the poses to something kids recognize is likely to help them remember them. The book includes a breakdown at the end which gives more detailed information on the poses, as well as a beginning and an ending for the whole yoga flow.

Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones was written and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder. This board book is a great starter for very young yogis. The brightly colored pages have very simple text and illustrations, making it easy for little ones to understand. Each two page spread shows a small child performing a yoga pose alongside an insect doing the same thing. The colorful insects will keep kids entertained while they try to copy the simple poses.

Teach kids about emotions while they learn to control their bodies!

The Grateful Giraffe: A Kids Yoga Feelings Book was written by Giselle Shardlow and illustrated by Valerie Bouthyette. The simple text and colorful illustrations in this book introduce kids to a variety of yoga poses which represent different animals, as well as different emotions. Each animal is given an emotion starting with the same letter as it’s name and illustrated in a scenario that can help kids to understand it. The book offers tips on how to use the book with your kids, as well as a parent guide for more information. This would be a great way to start a discussion with your children about emotions while getting them moving and having fun.

You Are a Lion!: And Other Fun Yoga Poses was written and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo. Join a group of children while they gather outside to practice some yoga poses based on animals. The illustrator creates a simple two page spread showing one of the children performing a yoga pose with easy instructions. The following two page spread is bright and colorful, showing the same child performing the pose alongside a playful animal. The text provides a visualization exercise for kids as they try to act like the animal. The creative set up of the book builds the excitement as kids get into the pose, and brings a playfulness to the practice.


ABC Yoga was written by Christiane Engel. This alphabet book dedicates a page to each letter of the alphabet, showing an animal beginning with that letter, as well as a child performing a yoga pose along with it. The rhyming text makes a connection between each animal and the pose being performed, while the vivid and playful illustrations give kids an idea of how to mimic it. The book includes an index in the back with the correct names of the poses for adults to refer to.

Yoga Bear: Yoga for Youngsters was written by Karen Pierce. This book introduces readers to 22 yoga poses through clear photographs of real children performing the poses. The text includes a simple introduction or tip for kids about the pose. It also contains detailed information on the pose for parents. The book includes insight into the benefits of yoga as well, making it a good guide for parents.

Bedtime Yoga

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story was written by Mariam Gates and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder. This book is written and illustrated in the same rhyming text and colorful illustrations as the morning version by the same authors. The more relaxing poses and visualization prompts encourage kids to settle down from their full day and drift into sleep. The book also includes an illustrated guide to the entire flow with more details and tips, as well as a visualization exercise.

Yawning Yoga was written by Laurie Jordan and illustrated by Diana Mayo. Help kids drift to sleep with this calming bedtime yoga routine. The peaceful rhyming text offers visualization and breathing exercises to use while performing the yoga poses on each page. Each pose is described in simple instructions. The detailed illustrations put your mind at ease while you move through the flow. This would be a great way to help older children wind down at the end of the day.

Sleepy Little Yoga was written by Rebecca Whitford and illustrated by Martina Selway. This is a great night time yoga flow for young kids. The very simple text and illustrations show kids performing a set of yoga poses meant to relax and encourage sleep. The poses are each matched with an animal, encouraging kids to act like the animal while doing the pose. The book also includes detailed information on each of the poses, as well as practice tips and photographs of real children performing each pose.

Yoga Story Time

Yoga Bunny was written and illustrated by Brian Russo. Join Bunny as he practices his yoga poses and tries to teach his friends how yoga can help them unwind and relax. As Bunny’s friends race around him, he tries to convince them to join him in his yoga practice. This calming story incorporates a variety of simple poses while teaching kids how yoga can help them to relax and slow down. The gentle illustrations accompanying the story are relaxing on their own and place emphasis on the calm nature of yoga, as well as how fun it can be to practice with friends.


Rachel’s Day in the Garden: A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book was written by Giselle Shardlow and illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla. Rachel and her puppy decide to go out in the garden to play and discover many signs of Spring. Easy yoga poses are woven into the story through the illustrations. A key in the corner of the page alerts readers to the name of the pose being performed. The simple text also includes descriptive wording about the flowers, weather and insects they see. This helps to create beautiful mental imagery for kids to use while they perform the poses utilized in the story.

Jenny’s Winter Walk: A Kids Yoga Winter Book was written by Giselle Shardlow and illustrated by Vicky Bowes. This story follows Jenny and her mother as they go for a winter walk in the woods. They use their senses to discuss what theyย  find on their walk, and they weave simple yoga poses throughout. Each pose is tied into the story and highlighted on the page by a small key showing the pose and it’s name. The cozy illustrations and cute story make this a great read aloud. It may even inspire you to turn your next walk into a yoga trip.

Practicing yoga together has become a fun way for us to exercise and learn to control our bodies together. Once she has learned a pose, we have fun randomly practicing them throughout the day, and making them our own. Frequently I will see her practicing a pose while we are waiting in line or while I am cooking dinner. It warms my heart to know that it is something special for us to share. Do you practice yoga with your kids? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Adorable! I wasn’t aware that there was such a large section of yoga books out there for the kiddos. Yoga is what helped me through my last pregnancy. I bet your toddler looks a cutie doing yoga ๐Ÿ™‚

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