Sensory Bins for Fall Fun!

sensory-bins-fallWe live in the Northeast, so fall means cooler temperatures, changing leaves, cozy sweaters and the start of football season! The change in season offers a lot of opportunities to introduce young children to changes in nature, and sensory bins are a great way to do this.

Kids develop their understanding of the world through their senses even before they know what senses are! How many times have you said the phrase, “Don’t put that in your mouth!” or “Don’t touch that!”? Sensory play gives parents an opportunity to teach children about different sensations in a controlled manner, and can be adapted for specific books, holidays, seasons or themes. I will often include sensory play ideas in the book based activities on this site, as these can help to enhance a child’s experience with a book and extend the learning into the real world.

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Prepare for Winter with Hibernation Fun!

Prepare for winter with hibernation fun!Bear Has a Story to Tell by Philip C. Stead is a story about a bear who wants to tell his friends a story, but they are all preparing for winter. It is a sweet story about patience and friendship and it is a good way to teach kids about the preparations that animals make for hibernation and wintertime. (This post contains affiliate links).

Prepare for winter with hibernation activities and snacks!

Create a Cave – Before you read the book, build a cave with your kids and fill it with pillows blankets and snacks. Climb into the cave, snuggle up and read the story. Talk to them about things that they would want in the cave with them if they were hibernating for the winter.

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If You Give a Pig a Pancake, You May Learn Something!

If You Give a Pig a Pancake, You May Learn Something!Laura Numeroff’s popular book If You Give a Pig a Pancake provides a variety of fun learning opportunities for different age groups.

Make pancakes together! You can teach kids about measuring and cooking safety, while enjoying delicious pancakes together. Mix in chocolate chips, blueberries, or other fun flavors to make something special.

Pancake Sensory Bin – For younger children, pancake mix and kitchen tools can make a unique sensory experience. Fill a bin with flour and pancake mix and let kids use spatulas, measuring cups, spoons, whisks and bowls to play and explore. (This post contains affiliate links).

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Anna Dewdney

anna-dewdneyAnna Dewdney was the bestselling author and illustrator of the Llama Llama book series, along with many other popular books. She sadly passed away Saturday September 3, 2016 at the age of 50 from brain cancer. She has been an outspoken advocate of children’s books and children’s literacy and her last request to fans was simply to “Read to a child”. (This post contains affiliate links).

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Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket ListHere in the Northeast, fall is upon us and there are so many fun and exciting ways to enjoy the season with your family. I love the fall season where we live. Sweaters, football, campfires, apples, pumpkins… the list goes on! There are a variety of children’s books referencing fall and the holidays coming up, and there will be many future posts on those. In the meantime, here is a list of fun fall activities to start on with your loved ones!

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Sharing Love With The Kissing Hand

Sharing Love with the Kissing HandThe Kissing Hand is a beautiful story by Audrey Penn that has helped numerous parents and their children to deal with situations where they need to be separated, whether it be for the first day of school or their first night away from home.

The story is about a mother raccoon who helps her child to understand that her love is always around, even when she’s not there. She places a kiss in her child’s paw so he can feel her love in his paw whenever he is sad or lonely. (This post contains affiliate links).

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Letter Recognition with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Letter Recognition with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

One of my favorite stories growing up was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault, with illustrations by Lois Ehlert. Children love the rhythm that this story provides, as well as the brightly colored illustrations. It is a great story for teaching letter recognition and upper and lower case letters. There are a variety of activities that you can do with children to engage various learning styles and increase their interest in the story. (This post contains affiliate links).

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Sight Words with Strega Nona

Learning with Strega NonaStrega Nona is a beloved character from a series of books by Tomie dePaola. She is an old woman well known in her village for her magic touch. When she leaves to visit her friend, she leaves Big Anthony to care for her home, but warns him not to touch the magic pasta pot. Chaos ensues! (This post contains affiliate links).

To bring the story of Strega Nona and her pasta pot alive for kids, there are several learning opportunities you can create!

1. Sight word spaghetti – To encourage kids to practice their sight words while incorporating the yummy pasta from the story, you can create sight word spaghetti to share with your kids. This idea comes from Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten blog. She wrote out sight words for the kids on brown paper “meatballs” and the students used the yellow yarn “spaghetti” they were served to make the sight words. You can also adapt this for younger children and put letters or numbers on the meatballs and have them identify what letter or number they pulled out of the pasta.

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Learning opportunities are everywhere!

Hello! My name is Vicki and I am a stay at home mother of a beautiful young daughter and a former teacher. I am also an avid bookworm and a crafter. I started this blog to share my love of books, my love of learning and teaching and my belief that learning opportunities are everywhere!

The best way to get a child to enjoy reading is to share the experience with them! Read to your children whenever you can and talk to them about the book. There are many ways that you can make books come alive for kids and I hope that the posts on this blog help you to discover new ways to integrate books into your child’s life in fun and innovative ways!

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