Activating Prior Knowledge

When it comes to teaching reading, activating prior knowledge is one of my favorite strategies. By using past experiences, or tapping into knowledge they already have, you can help kids to comprehend the stories and texts that you are...Read More »

Resolve to Change Your Outlook with These Books on Happiness!

As the new year begins, we start making resolutions and setting goals. These goals are meant to make us happier. But what if you are lost on how to find true happiness? These books explore what it means to...Read More »

Start the Year with Life Changing Books!

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Great Books for Babies!

Many┬áparents may think “Why should I start reading to my baby when she can’t even understand the story?”. There is a misconception that reading to kids only revolves around the story and their understanding of it. But there are...Read More »

Reading Aloud from the Beginning

My parents have told my sister and I throughout our lives that they read to us every night from the first night we were home from the hospital. When I got to grad school and was researching literacy practices,...Read More »