Learning about Parenting from the Dutch!

I am fascinated with learning about different customs and traditions around the world, especially when it comes to parenting. Finding out how other people live their day to day lives is so interesting to me. When I was given the opportunity to review a book on Dutch parenting and why Dutch moms are among the happiest in the world, I jumped at the chance! We could all learn to be a little happier. Read More!

Finding Joy in The Book of Joy

Are you having trouble finding joy in your life? There is a difference between feeling happiness and feeling really, truly joyful. That is an important point that the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu want to make clear to those seeking joy. While we can experience happiness while eating a delicious bit of food or watching a TV show we enjoy, it is not the same as true lasting joy in your life.

Over the course of a week in the Dalai Lama’s home in Dharamsala, India, these two spiritual men engaged in deep conversations. These include discussions on the nature of joy, the obstacles to joy, and the positive qualities needed for joy. Their hope was to help people find joy in their lives, even as the world seems to be less joyful. This book is the result of those conversations between these two great spiritual leaders. Read More!

Resolve to Change Your Outlook with These Books on Happiness!

As the new year begins, we start making resolutions and setting goals. These goals are meant to make us happier. But what if you are lost on how to find true happiness? These books explore what it means to find joy and how to live your happiest life – whether you lose those 5 pounds or not.

Standard Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. In order to support this blog and continue providing free content, I may receive a commission from purchases you make through the links in this post. Read More!

Start the Year with Life Changing Books!

The new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has just ended and imagine the changes we would like to make in the coming year. When it comes to this yearly goal setting, many times we make bland resolutions. Lose 5 pounds. Get up earlier. Keep up with the house work. Without a real plan, many of these are forgotten by February, if not earlier. So, instead of making generic resolutions, why not sit down with a warm cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and set some actionable goals for the year. To offer you some inspiration for changing your perspective or changing your life, I asked other bloggers which books changed their lives for the better. Below I have compiled a list of the top 9 choices of life changing books which got multiple votes. These will be on my reading list this year! Read More!

Bringing Joy Back to the Holidays!

Stress Free HolidaysDo you remember the joy and wonder you experienced as a child during the holiday season? From Halloween straight through New Years, your days were probably full of songs, games, gifts, food and parties. As we get older, we start to feel some of that magic fade away. We rack up the bills buying gifts, baking supplies, tickets to holiday shows, and more. We stress ourselves to the limit making travel plans, planning parties and making sure that we get every minute filled with holiday fun to try to get back some of that joy we felt as kids. Does overbuying and overplanning really bring back the joy? Read More!