Cheese Tasting with Anatole & Heluva Good!

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I think it is fairly safe to say that cheese is one of my daughter’s favorite foods. From mac and cheese to grilled cheese, she loves it in all forms. I can’t really blame her, since I do too! So when I was offered the opportunity to work with Heluva Good!®, I was thrilled to have some cheesy fun with my daughter! We decided to try some new things together with a cheese tasting for kids! Read More!

Teaching Kids to Love Themselves with the Whale Who Wanted to Be Small!

whale activitiesI come from a very tall family. I am 5’10” and I am considered kind of short (at least according to my 6’3″ sister!). My sister and I have grown to be proud of our height, thanks to our parents. While we definitely face a few struggles (just try finding pants long enough), there are definite advantages to being tall.

My daughter is already taller than both my sister and I were at her age, so she is on track to continue the family tradition of being taller than most of her friends. While I will do my best to teach her to be proud of her height, I am definitely on the look out for great books that will help her to be confident about it. When I heard that Gill McBarnet had a story titled The Whale Who Wanted to Be Small, I knew I wanted to check it out! Read More!

Taking the Sting out of Mosquito Season with Learning Fun!

Mosquito Book

Summer is here, which means the bugs are out! In my family, we are pretty prone to bug bites, so mosquitoes are a big part of our summer festivities. I decided to take some of the sting out of mosquito season by sharing a fun new read aloud. It’s a colorful new book about mosquitoes and ninjas which just may get kids moving! Try the fun activities together to get your mind off the pesky bugs outside. Read More!

Birthday Traditions to Start with Your Kids!

I loved my birthday when I was growing up. I was always a shy kid, but if there was one day when I didn’t mind the attention, it was on my birthday. My parents made our birthdays special with lots of fun traditions that I plan to carry on with my daughter. We were allowed to pick a restaurant for dinner and choose the kind of cake we wanted to have at home. Every year we also took a birthday quiz that my mom saved for us, so we can now look back at how our answers changed over the years. (We may have whined about taking it some years, for which I am sorry Mom!). Since my daughter is starting to understand birthdays now, I decided it would be fun to start some of these birthday traditions with her this year. Read More!

Teaching Dental Health to Kids with the Brushies!

Teaching your kids to brush their teeth can sometimes be a struggle. My daughter has gone through stages of loving to brush her teeth, and also hating it. At her first visit to the dentist, he told me that we would need to floss her bottom teeth because they were very close together. After a few failed attempts, she suddenly loves to floss them on her own! By making it a fun game, she took over the activity herself, and actually enjoys it. Using a fun story and imaginative characters is a great way to get kids interested in dental health. It can also help them to understand the importance of proper dental hygiene. I was thrilled when I found this awesome company which does just that. Read More!

Hunting for Fun with the Big Honey Hunt!

When we were younger, one of the books that my sister insisted our parents read over and over again was The Big Honey Hunt by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It was her favorite book, and to this day my parents can still recite some of it from memory. When I found the book at my parents house, I couldn’t wait to share it with my daughter. With summer fast approaching, it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun with bee activities! Read More!

Put Down the Phone! Raising Kids in a Digital Age

Raising kids in a digital age comes with a whole new set of difficulties. From managing screen time to monitoring what kids have access to, parenting with screens can be a difficult balance. While screens may be part of our everyday lives, and access to them is more prevalent than ever before, it is important that we remember to put down the electronics and enjoy the hear and now. We all fall into the trap of viewing important events through our screens, since we want to capture every adorable second. Corine Dehghanpisheh’s book #BabyLove: My Toddler Life, reminds us to put down the phones and enjoy the moment! Read More!

Learning to Be Brave with the Free Rain Chickens

Sometimes as adults, we see our kids being fearless and we forget that the world can be a big scary place for them. My daughter almost never shows fear, so when she gets scared and hides behind my knee, it sometimes takes me by surprise. It is our job as parents to help them develop the courage to take chances and try new things, while still allowing them to be afraid sometimes. (I will totally admit to still being afraid of spiders… and bats…). The book Free Rain is a great jumping off point to teach them about bravery and trying new things! Read More!

Saving the Day with Nani the Brave Little Turtle

Being brave is something that we all struggle with from time to time. We tell kids to be brave whenever they encounter something new. It can be a hard thing for them to understand, but there are some great books to help them. The Brave Little Turtle by Gill McBarnet not only shows kids how to be brave, but brings an environmental issue to light which can inspire kids to take action! There are lots of ocean activities you can do to reinforce these messages with your kids. Read More!

Learning with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

My daughter has a fascination with caterpillars lately, so we have been reading Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar a lot. I was very excited when the Monthly Crafting Book Club chose this book as the theme for the month! We had a lot of fun doing projects based around this classic story! There are so many fun caterpillar activities that you can use to bring the book to life while teaching important skills. Read More!